Male, Australian Cattle Dog mix; 60 lbs

Calm and steady, if you are looking for a great dog, look no further than Bronco.  Bronco is a 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog-pit bull cross who has successfully completed the training program at New Leash on Life USA.  Bronco has had basic training and has knowledge of the commands sit, down, stay, come, leave-it, and how to walk on a loose leash.  Bronco also knows several tricks including take a bow, back up, and how to cover his eyes with his paw.  Bronco plays well with other dogs in playgroups. Bronco is generally not the life of the party, but with be very loyal to your family.  Bronco is housebroken and crate trained.  Bronco’s perfect home would be with a family who is willing to give him plenty of exercise and continue his education since he loves training.  Bronco would likely be ok to live with children as long as they were taught appropriate interactions with large-breed dogs.  Bronco would likely be ok to live with another dog, but needs to meet any other pets in the home before adoption to make sure it is a good fit.

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Trainer: Miguel M.

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