We are

New Leash on Life USA is a new generation non-profit prison dog-training program that saves the lives of shelter dogs at-risk of euthanasia and gives incarcerated inmates a chance for redemption. New Leash teaches inmates to train and socialize the dogs assigned to live with them 24/7, enabling these rejected animals to become highly desirable for adoption and creating real-world employment opportunities for our inmate participants upon parole. By rescuing each other, both human and canine graduates of the New Leash program can look ahead to a bright and successful future.

We help

  • Inmates learn how to train and care for dogs thus building skills, confidence, and future employability
  • Inmates learn a sense of responsibility and unconditional love by caring for their canine charges
  • Inmates give back to society
  • Improve communications between correctional officers and inmates to foster a positive correctional facility environment

We provide

  • Weekly sessions with professional trainers, animal behaviorists and veterinary technicians
  • Job readiness and life skill courses to improve successful reentry and employability for inmates upon parole
  • Internship opportunities for paroled inmates for additional training and education in the animal care field
  • Post-parole support with worksite transition services