Geekadelphia, Kiss Some Puppies on Thursday @ Gunners Run in the Piazza

August 29, 2011


Kiss Some Puppies on Thursday @ Gunners Run in the Piazza

August 29, 2011


Who doesn’t love puppies? They are cute, clumsy, and love you more unconditionally than anyone, including your family. It is time to rally the geeks around an adorable and noble cause.

New Leash On Life USA is a non-profit organization right here in Philadelphia that has prison inmates socialize and train dogs so that they will be more readily adopted. The program, which has just started this summer, has been a resounding success. There has never been more of a win/win situation. Prisoners move along with their rehabilitation while at the same time giving an animal a chance to find a loving home. Not only are the dogs adopted by the public, but in the future many will be trained as companion dogs for veterans and other people with disabilities. Everyone needs a helping paw now and again.

On September 1st, New Leash on Life will be hosting the “Dog Days of Summer” Happy Hour at Gunners Run at the Piazza. There will be a puppy kissing booth so you can be smothered to the brink of death by cuteness.

If puppy smooches aren’t your style, you can enter the raffle, Chinese auction, or gorge yourself on food and delicious beer. Just $5 will get you a beer and some delectable appetizers. 40% of the proceeds will go right to New Leash on Life USA. There’s no cover, but slipping 5 bucks into the donation can is always encouraged. Gunners Run has a special dog food menu just for your pooch so bring your four-legged pal along with you.

So come have a drink, kiss a puppy, and have some fun. You might be helping to save more than one life.


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