Philadelphia Magazine, Photos: The Philly DoGooder Awards

February 22, 2013


by Josh Middleton

There was a fantastic turnout to last night’s Philly DoGooder Awards — especially from the LGBTQ community. Tons of pretty gay faces comprised the well-dressed, happily tipsy crowd in the University of the Arts’ Hamilton Hall. Unfortunately, though, none of the LGBTQ non-profits took home awards, but gay Philly on-the-scene photog HughE Dillon was shocked when Mayor Nutter presented him with a surprise Innovator in Community Building award. You should have seen the look on his face. Actually, you can in the photos after the jump.

MORE: HughE Dillon has photos on the Philly Post, too!


First, award winners:

Best Overall Video by a Nonprofit

Viewers Choice Video by a Nonprofit

Innovation Awards (Presented by Mayor Nutter)

  • Innovation in Urban Mechanics: City Representative Desiree Peterkin- Bell
  • Innovation in Storytelling: Leah Kauffman, Executive Producer of
  • Innovation in Community Building: HughE Dillon, Philly Chit Chat

And the photos:

Generocity Community Outreach Director Mike Kaiser and NBC Sports Graphic Designer Wade Keller

A group of straight allies, including Steven and Nicole Colahan, Bridget Kulik and fab-o Daily News gossip columnist Molly Eichel (far right)

Donald Carter, everybody’s best friend.

Philadephia magazine executive editor/G Philly editor Michael Callahan and Mac’s Tavern co-owner Ben Haney

ChatterBlast Media’s Matthew Ray and Evan Urbania

Mayor Nutter presenting Community Innovator Awards

HughE Dillon looking all shocked after being surprised with the Innovation in Community Building Award

Nicole Woods, Matthew Schuyler and Alexander Kacala

ChatterBlast’s Julie Rivera, Broad Street Ministry’s Erica Funk and Rudy Flesher from Here’s My Chance.

ChatterBlast’s Matthew Ray with KYW’s Michael Braunstein

Hands down, this lady gets the Best Dressed award.’s Thom Cardwell speaking to Jesse Cute and Craig Beyerle

Thom Cardwell, solo and appropriately scarfed.

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