Many of you remember our dear Rosie who we found with her ears crudely cropped and stitched with fishing line – a horrible display of abuse. When you heard her story, you didn’t hesitate to help.


Now, Rosie needs us again.


When we first took Rosie to the veterinary hospital, the vets said her ears were the worst they had ever seen. Thanks to the generous support of people like you, New Leash raised the money to cover the cost of her medical care. Then, a few months later, she was diagnosed with mammary cancer. Rosie couldn’t catch a break. Thanks to a special program at Penn Vet, Rosie’s cancer was treated at no cost to New Leash, and she is now in remission.


However, her ear problems have persisted. Rosie’s inflamed ears lead to constant discomfort and itching, and they put her at risk for serious infections.


Dr. Kenneth Sadanga, of VRC in Malvern, specializes in soft tissue surgery and has agreed to help Rosie with a surgery to finally clear up these issues.


New Leash is asking for your help in raising the funds for this operation. After a generous discount from Dr. Sadanga, the surgery will cost $4,000.


Please consider donating to Rosie’s Medical Fund, and show her that humans are deserving of her trust. No one has earned a second chance more than Rosie.