New Leash on Life USA is a new generation prison re-entry program that saves the lives of shelter dogs at risk for euthanasia and gives incarcerated inmates a chance for redemption.


New Leash dogs are carefully selected to participate in a three-month prison program, where they live with their inmate trainers 24/7. The program gives inmates and dogs the love and support they both desperately need.


Our certified dog trainers ensure New Leash dogs are prepared for the AKC Canine Good Citizens test and learn basic commands like sit, stay, and come. With time, attention, and affection, these rejected animals become highly desirable for adoption. The New Leash re-entry program creates real-world employment opportunities in the animal-care field for our inmate participants upon parole.


Many of our dogs have gone on to do amazing things, including help their new owners cope with autism, strokes, PTSD and depression; others have become an important member of their new stable, happy, family in their forever home.

Please consider becoming a sponsor parent through the New Leash Sponsorship Program and help give second chances to both canines and humans!


A sponsorship provides the following:
✓  Veterinary care
✓  Foster care
✓  Medicine
✓  Spay/Neuter
✓  Vaccinations, heartworm, ear and tick treatments
✓  Microchipping
✓  Food (including prescription formulas), treats
✓ Training supplies and toys

✓ Leashes, collars and harnesses

✓ Living supplies including crates and kennel blankets

✓ Grooming supplies including toothpaste, shampoo and combs

✓ Training for 11 weeks

✓ Adoption support including transportation



$1500 Sponsor a Dog: Sponsor Receives

  • Frequent updates on your dog’s progress
  • Special invitation to graduation to meet the trainer and adopters
  • Photos of your sponsored dog by New Leash photographers
  • Acknowledgement on social media of your sponsorship support

$8000 Sponsor a Class: Sponsor Receives

  • Opportunity to name the class
  • Socialization day to meet all the dogs
  • Visibility on the New Leash on Life USA website
  • Visit by one of the dogs to your home, office, school or location of choice
  • Acknowledgement at a prison graduation
  • One-on-One dog training session with our certified trainer

Click on the button below to become a New Leash Sponsor, or contact us at or 484.432.1288